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Post To Be: Sexist and Wrong

Post To Be, released in 2014 by Omarion, can be categorized as sexist and wrong by feminists everywhere. With women being treated as commodities throughout the song, the fact that women are frequently referred to as “chicks”, “hoes”, and “girls”, really any word other than “woman”, this song is sexist not only because of all of that, but because this music video completely fails to recognize Jhene Aiko as a musical equal to Omarion and Chris Brown.

While Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown are both featured in the music video and the song is technically by Omarion, Chris Brown has significantly more time singularly on the camera alone, when Jhene Aiko is never featured alone. She also never has a close up when Chris Brown and Omarion have several close ups throughout the music video. While Omarion and Chris Brown are both heavily clothed in clothing, Jhene Aiko is dressed, not as their equal, in about half of the clothing that Chris Brown and Omarion are wearing. She is treated as sex symbol for the entire video, whereas Omarion and Chris Brown are rather treated as if they are in charge, handsome, and interesting. They are the leaders of the sexual relationship whereas Jhene Aiko is less so. Jhene Aiko also participates in damaging women by calling them “hoes” rather than women and changing herself into a sex symbol by saying, “if he wants me to expose the freak”, being one of her only, and most prominent lines. Much attention is not at all drawn to Jhene Aiko as a singer, despite the fact that she has had a prominent career as a musician and singer, like Omarion as well as Chris Brown. She is no less important than the two individuals, but is treated as though she is not an equal none the less.

Music that is unique to the African American population, such as hip hop and in this case R&B, has a tendency to be viewed by people who like, and those who dislike, the music as sexist and misogynistic. Music is a reflection of cultural practices and beliefs in the form of music. I believe that this music should change over time to represent what people believe as well as what they think and this is not happening. Females are entering into rap and R&B with momentum that has never been seen before. It is wrong for men to continue referring to women as hoes and bitches when these hoes and bitches are in the studio working with the men. This song is only one example of that, but it speaks volumes.

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