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4 Ways To Get Back Into The ‘Back To School’ Groove

Since the new school year is approaching for most of us (or the second semester has just begun for us in the southern hemisphere), going back to school can seem like a huge bummer – especially if you’re still in holiday mode. But going back to school doesn’t have to be so bad: VocaLady is here to provide you with 4 fun ways to get yourself out of your vacation slump and into the new semester mindset.

1. Go Shopping!
Possibly my favorite (and my bank account’s least-favorite) hobby, going back to school is the perfect excuse to get your walking shoes on and hit the mall. Dozens of stores have back-to-school sales for stationary, clothes, bags, books and tech – so why not have a browse? Clothing stores tend to have their end-of-season lines on sale, so you can pick up some cute pieces for the changing weather at awesome prices. It’s like Christmas, but in July! If your computer case is starting to look a little shabby, or if you just want a change of scene for the start of the year, scout for some cute new laptop sleeves or gadgets. My personal favorites lately have been a wireless mouse (so handy for digital projects) and my leather iPad case with a built-in stand perfect for taking notes in lectures. New stationary always gets me in the mood for note-taking and organizing, plus you’ll have all of your expenses paid for and won’t need to spend any more money on school supplies throughout the semester. Just make sure to bulk-buy bobby pins and pens – no matter how many you buy, they always seem to go missing!

2. Get a Diary, Calendar, or Wall Planner
Diaries, calendars and planners are a fantastic way to get organized for the upcoming semester and perfect for those students who are a little more forgetful than others. With the rush of starting school and all the information being crammed into your brains in the first few weeks it is so easy to lose track of dates and times, so jotting them down into an organizer will help you to plan ahead. My favorite thing to do in high school was to pretty up my timetable by color-coding my classes, so my brain was trained to know what class I had next at just a glance. This could also work for assignments, study times and due-dates on calendars so you’ll know when upcoming deadlines are approaching. Jot down other commitments like clubs, work, birthdays and holidays and add little stickers or doodles for each event, and have a go at comparing your timetables with friends to make plans to meet up for coffee or catch up in a free period once school starts again.

3. Watch DIY Back To School Youtube Videos
My #1 source of creative DIY inspiration comes from YouTube. There are dozens of super-bubbly and creative girls out there on the internet (such as Ingrid Nilsen), and boy do these ladies love their DIY videos. My favorite DIY Queens include Bethany Mota, Hayley Williams, JennDIY, MissRemiAshten and MayBaby – just to name a few. A bunch of them have been doing collaborations and giveaways for the back-to-school season, so have a hunt around and you may find yourself winning a whole bunch of cool stationary supplies! If you’ve already bought your school supplies or made your own cute folders and accessories, why not pretty up your dorm room or study area? Room Decor and Desk Organization videos are just as popular as back-to-school videos – and the best part about them is that they’re super easy, and you can buy almost all of the tools needed to make them at your local department store for cheap. If you’re not fond of YouTube or your internet is a bit too slow (or limited), hit up Pinterest – the internet’s source of DIY inspiration.

4. O-Week
Once you’re actually back to school see what your college campus or student association has planned for Orientation Week (or Re-O Week, if you’re below the equator line.) O-Week is not just for the freshman or first years – a lot of events are planned for everyone on campus to participate in. Have a look on your university or student association Facebook pages and other social media accounts, or keep an eye out for posters or talk amongst students advertising O-Week events. Plan a night (or day) to go to events with your friends, whether they be between or after classes and lectures, and you may find yourself saving some money with free food and winning some prizes.

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