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Beauty Advice From Ingrid Nilsen


YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen, on top of being hilarious and strong, knows her fair share about makeup. As someone who is relatively new to makeup, and is still learning, here are some of the most important things I have learned from her makeup/self-care videos on how to be your best self.

1) Take care of your skin

To have nice-looking makeup, you need to have a solid base. Keeping your skin clean, hydrated, and healthy is super important. After all, if your skin is looking healthy, you may not feel like you have to wear as much makeup! I’ve learned that my current skincare (or rather, lack thereof) seriously isn’t cutting it. In her videos, Ingrid talks about a plethora of cleansers, toners, and lotions that keep her skin looking flawless. Though some are on more of the pricey side, if she swears by them, I personally trust that she knows what she’s talking about. Check out this video on her skincare tips and tricks!

2) Your makeup collection doesn’t have to break the bank

For every Sephora or Mac product Ingrid uses, she also uses plenty of drugstore products that are more easily accessible. And they work just as well as the costly stuff! If you’re just starting out, buying the more expensive makeup simply isn’t worth it. When you’re still trying to figure out what you like and what works for you, drugstore makeup is cheap, and works just fine. And even if you are more experienced with it, you shouldn’t feel obligated to have the fancier makeup. No one is going to judge you for wearing Covergirl.

3) Hair doesn’t have to be hard

I have always fought with my hair, which is why every couple of months, I rage quit and chop it all off. Ingrid shows that even us lazy people can have nice looking hair that can take less than five minutes to do. You don’t need expensive curling irons or fancy oils to keep it looking nice. Sometimes all you need is a couple of braids to make it look like you put effort in! (Though if you are using heating elements on your hair, use a heat protectant! Your hair will thank you for it). Also, don’t wash your hair every day, apparently. The natural oils in your scalp keeps your hair really healthy. Who knew!

4) Take care of your body from the inside out
The best way to keep your outsides looking nice is to keep your insides feeling good as well! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless, boring, or difficult. Ingrid has plenty of videos about healthy eating on her channel, and I hope to use a couple of her smoothie recipes when I get a chance to get to the supermarket! All of her recipes are super simple so that even those of us who are hopeless in the kitchen can achieve them. She did a series called #HungryHealthyHappy where she made healthy foods that also taste amazing. I’d definitely recommend them! Also: a little cucumber and mint in your water is a lovely game changer that keeps you hydrated! This video has some great simple, quick, and most importantly, healthy recipes!

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