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6 Best Makeup Effects by Female “Face Off” Contestants

If you’re unfamiliar with SyFy channel programs, you definitely need to turn on your TV immediately. SyFy has graced our screens with a number of original shows and movies like Firefly, Dark Matter and the ever-so-popular Sharknado (1, 2, and 3). One of SyFy’s most popular cult shows is Face Off, where prosthetic makeup artists compete against one another to create the special effects makeup worn in horror/fantasy/science fiction movies and television series. The show has completed eight seasons, with a ninth season set to air later this month. The show has been quite the purveyor of breaking stereotypes. While the contestants female-to-male 2:1 ratio is not quite equal and the makeup industry is notoriously female-dominated, the show features many male artists.  Of the eight seasons so far, six women have been winners and runner-ups. Regardless of ratios and winners, Face Off has done a great job of supporting all kinds of people working in a gendered industry. Check out these 6 amazing looks done by female contestants throughout the first six seasons of Face Off:

Laura and Sarah

This look was created by teammates Laura Tyler and Sarah Miller. The competition was Star Wars themed, so the two women used the popular movies as inspiration for this otherworldly creature! Their attention to detail is impeccable and their Star Wars knowledge really shines through.


Though Laura was a runner-up in season three, she returned to Face Off for season five and (spoiler alert!) won the competition. This demonic creature is so realistic, you can barely tell that there’s an actual person underneath. It’s no wonder that Laura wowed the judges and took home the title.


Miranda Jory, another Face Off veteran who originally competed in season two, created this look based off the seven deadly sins in season five. While her creation is definitely strange, Miranda was really able to mix terror and beauty to create this lovely monster.

Alana and Laura

Once again in season three, Laura teamed up with Alana Schiro to create this monster. A dark twist on an ancient tradition, this horror-film-ready Chinese dragon looks like it’ll do anything but welcome in the New Year.

Alana and Miranda

Season five saw another mashup of Face Off veterans when Alana and Miranda teamed up to create this dark fairy. Taking cues from Miranda’s deadly sins work, this fairy is perfectly eerie and delicate. Their attention to detail with this terrifying masterpiece is fantastic.

Cat and Niko

In season six, newcomers Cat Paschen and Niko Gonzalez teamed up to create this mean looking monster. This half-biker-half-demon is so convincing, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Check out those teeth!

Face Off contestants really are the best of the best when it comes to the prosthetic makeup world. These women worked hard to create terrifyingly convincing monsters. They prove that makeup is an art, and that their creations can match up to those of their male colleagues. It just goes to show you: anything boys can do, girls can do better.

Face Off season nine will premiere on SyFy July 28.

Image credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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