What’s The Best Thing About Your Major?

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Majoring in film, public relations, English, journalism, literature and other communications-related majors definitely have their perks. You have networking opportunities, you learn how to improve your social media presence, learn graphic and visual skills, learn how to write across various mediums and more! But, let’s hear it from actual college women on what’s the best part about their major:

“I think the best thing about the PRSC [Public Relations and Strategic Communications] major is that it’s teaching me skills that I can take beyond the classroom. I can apply strategic communication skills to both my personal and professional life which is a rarity with most college majors. The courses are intellectually challenging, the material is dense, but the skills I’ve taken away from my classes will last me a lifetime.”Gabriella Salazar, Public Relations and Strategic Communications major at American University, senior.

“The best thing about the Writing Seminars at Hopkins is that it is filled with people who are super similar to me, but different from me in unexpected ways. We all love writing and we are dedicated to our craft. There’s a definite drive among us to write to the best of our ability and constantly evolve. Some of the older majors are some of the most talented writers I’ve met – writers, not student writers. Because we all come from different backgrounds, our interests outside writing are varied, which adds layers to others’ work that I’m constantly surprised and impressed by. The Writing Sems program and its people are incredible.” –Jacqui Neber, Writing Seminars major at Johns Hopkins University, sophomore.

“The best part about majoring in Film Studies is how relevant my coursework feels. I can identify and explain connections between films made decades ago and films made last year. I’m gaining an appreciation for both the technical aspects of film and the cultural significance of the medium around the world. And since the enthusiasm of my peers and professors is palpable, my passion for film grows every day!” Patricia Kelly, Film Studies major at Mount Holyoke College, sophomore.

“For me, the best part of being a film studies major is being exposed to so many wonderful films that inspire me to make my own.” –Henna, Film Studies major at Mount Holyoke College, sophomore.

“The best part of my degree/major is getting to try out a little bit of everything in the media world. I love how we get to experience a hands-on approach to the type of things we will be doing in our careers. It’s so broad and I feel like I’m getting really valuable experiences before I get into the working world that will help me along the way.”Zoë Chipperfield, Bachelor of Communications at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Second year.

“What I like most about my major is conveying to the viewers what is best about said product. It reminds me to look to not just look at the bad but that there’s always something good in everything” -Caitlin Wisz, Graphic Design major at LIU-Post, sophomore.

“I think the best part of my major is that I’ll have the opportunity to reshape the way people think about a person, brand, or organization. I love the idea that I can help people to reimagine someone or something, and to help change people’s perspectives.”Jessica Philips, Public Relations and Strategic Communications major at American University, sophomore.

“My favorite part of my major is that it’s constantly changing and there are so many different opportunities; every day there’s something new to do or read about or learn, especially now with social media.” –Monica Bogen, Public Communications major at American University, junior.

“I see communications majors as majors that allow you to dabble in all of the other fields. They provide the skills needed to communicate, then you can decide what it is you’re communicating. That’s why I love my major; the possibilities are endless.” Maddie Buyers, Public Relations and Strategic Communications major at American University, sophomore. 

Tell us what you think is the best thing about your major!

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