6 Clubs Every Communications Major Needs to Join!

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You’ve probably joined the literary magazine and the television club. Maybe you’re the president of the Film Society. Or perhaps you’re deeply dedicated to PRSSA. All of these clubs are great for improving your skills and go hand-in-hand with your coursework. But don’t limit yourself! There’s a bunch of other clubs you should definitely check out on campus that can also help you with your coursework and develop your communication skills. Here’s a list of clubs that almost every campus should have to get you started:

walking jogging

A Walking or Jogging Club

What better way to beat writer’s block than a walk or a quick jog? You don’t need to join a hardcore sports team, but a nice walking club or even a biking one should definitely clear your head if you’re struggling through the latest chapter in your novel. Nature can be inspirational, so why not? A few hours outside, headphones in, should definitely get those gears going and move your plot along. Bonus: you’ll burn off all that late night snacking while you’re up writing!

i volunteer

Philanthropy Club

There’s a ton of different philanthropy clubs on every campus! Find a cause that interests you and join the effort. Joining a philanthropy club and volunteering for a charity, whether it be local or international, requires you to work with others and that’s something that, as a communications major, you need to get used to — especially if you plan on working at a magazine or in film production. Furthermore, if you work closely with a non-profit you can even get experience in their communications department! Many non-profits have social media pages that you can always ask about managing.


Residence Hall Association

A residence hall association plans cool events for the residence halls on campus. If you really love your campus, this is a great club to join! In a residence hall association, you have to work as a team to create the best (and more accessible) programs and events. This is another way to get other sorts of communication experience in a place where you wouldn’t expect it. In order to get people to come to your events you have to market them via posters, social media and word-of-mouth. You’ll also get experience in social media marketing, crafts, and maybe even graphic design and public speaking! Another bonus? You’ll probably get a lot of food and t-shirts for free from showing up to events.

spinning globe

Multicultural Club

There’s a plethora of different multicultural clubs that welcome all people. Not only do multicultural clubs host exciting events (usually with excellent food), they’re important in helping you develop a broader worldview. It’s guaranteed that you’ll learn a lot more about different cultures in a multicultural club than through Google. This will make your writing more sensitive to other cultures and will definitely teach you a thing or two.

glee club2

Drama Club

A drama club has a ton of moving parts and it’s far removed from many communication majors. Yet even if you’re interested in film writing or scriptwriting, this is the place to be. Don’t stick to behind the scenes — get into some acting! For someone you has a strong written voice but struggles when speaking up, acting can definitely bump you out of your shell and strengthen your overall voice. Bonus points if you join a Shakespeare-only drama club.


A new club on campus

Checking out a new club on campus is both a great way to show support for your peers and an exciting way to add to your knowledge of communications. It will help you get familiar with what a good (or bad) start-up looks like. Experiencing how an idea becomes bigger is a great lesson. And if you decide you really want to commit, you might be able to take an active role in the club’s communications committee!

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